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Market Sentiment Drives Cash to Federally Insured Investments with Daily Liquidity

Landing Rock Group LLC (“Landing Rock”), today announced that it is seeing increased inflows of cash into the Landing Rock Insured Deposit Account (IDA).

“There’s varying opinions about inflation and interest rates right now,” said Bruce Bent II, President of Landing Rock. “Will there be inflation, how much, when? Are interest rates going up any time soon, how far, and how fast? The only thing everyone agrees upon is that when it comes to fixed income investing, now is the time to stay short.”

Many fiduciaries of public funds, independent money managers, corporate treasurers, hedge funds and individual investors alike, are preparing for market volatility and a hoped for increase in interest rates by placing cash in highly liquid investments like federally insured deposit accounts. The Landing Rock IDA offers one convenient online account with up to $20 million in federally insured coverage. It provides daily liquidity, and is currently offering an interest rate many times higher than the average money market fund.

Emad Zikry, CEO of Vanderbilt Avenue Asset Management, a well-respected and seasoned fixed income manager based in New York said,

“Our first rule at Vanderbilt Avenue Asset Management is to avoid the negative territory as best as we can. Our second rule is to never forget the first rule. Currently we have an out of consensus forecast for an exceedingly strong economic recovery as a result of pent-up demand and expansionary fiscal and monetary policy. Associated with this pickup in economic growth will be a grudgingly higher rate of inflation. Under these circumstances bonds will not provide a good diversifier for the stock market because interest rates will move higher. As such, our asset allocation paradigm has been utilizing a suite of federally insured products. These products not only guarantee positive returns but also provides exceedingly good liquidity to meet clients’ needs.”

Landing Rock Cash Management was established in 2008 as an online cash management provider to financial advisors and their clients, as well as direct customers such as individuals, institutions, large corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. Landing Rock is an affiliate of Double Rock Corporation, a leading cash management, financial technologies, and intellectual property company, providing some of the world’s most innovative cash management and cash-related solutions to multiple industries. Potential customers are advised to read Landing Rock’s Terms and Conditions before investing.

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