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Landing Rock Welcomes Investors Seeking Safe Havens

NEW YORK—Landing Rock Group LLC (“Landing Rock”), a subsidiary of Double Rock Corp., today announced it is seeing an uptick in new accounts opened via its website as a result of investors seeking safe havens. “We’re seeing new savers and investors coming to Landing Rock for the Insured Deposit Account. With interest rates at a new low, the priority seems to have shifted to safety in a big way,” said Landing Rock president, Bruce Bent II. Landing Rock’s Insured Deposit Account offers one convenient online account with up to $10 million in FDIC coverage, versus single banks offering $250,000 each. The Landing Rock Insured Deposit Account is also currently offering an interest rate higher than the national average. The online account opening process is fast and easy. Bent II added, “Investors small and large are essentially saying that in these uncertain times, ‘FDIC insured cash is king.'”

Landing Rock Group LLC is an online cash management provider to financial advisors and their clients, as well as direct customers such as individuals, institutions, large corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. Landing Rock is a subsidiary of Double Rock Corporation, a leading cash management, financial technologies, and intellectual property company providing some of the world’s most innovative cash management and cash-related solutions to multiple industries. Potential customers are advised to read Landing Rock’s Terms and Conditions before investing.

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