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High Yield Insured Deposit Accounts and Certificates of Deposit

Landing Rock provides simple, easy-to-use, secure cash management solutions for advisors, businesses, charitable organizations, condominiums, homeowners' associations, housing cooperatives, individuals, public entities, and publicly traded companies.

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  • Insured Deposit Accounts

    Keep your cash safe — without sacrificing your interest rate. Our insured deposit account guarantees federal insurance up to $50 million, and offers competitive rates on your cash.

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High-Yield CDs

With our network of banks and intelligent search features, we always find the best CDs for your needs. We can also help you ladder your funds to insure your cash is readily available.

Cash management made simple, for everyone.

  • Integrity at Our Core

    We know the ins and outs of the financial industry and we hold our partners to our own high standards.

  • Guaranteed Simplicity

    Landing Rock evaluates thousands of banks across the United States to find you the best rates.

  • Robust Technology

    We believe the future of cash management is digital. Our powerful platform will search all qualified banks to provide you with the options that are right for you.

It only takes a few minutes to start earning today.

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